You don’t have to pray alone!

With the help of technology, having others pray for you is both free and easy!

Here are the 3 simple steps to sign up…

1. Create a free Pray account

You can sign up for your free account by clicking the link below.

Create Your Free Account

You’ll be asked to put in your name, email and cell number. They require a mobile number so they can send you a text to login.

There are no passwords to remember. Instead when you go to login, it will send you a text with a 4 digit verification code.

2. Download the app

This free app is available for both Android and iPhone, after you create your account, you can click the links on the website to download the apps, or just search for “Pray” in the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

3. Join online communities

Join local and global communities full of people who will pray for you and who you can pray for.

Search for the Answers to Prayer community and click join to become a part of our own community. Any requests you post there, we will personally pray over.

Prayer Requests and Intercessory Prayer

After you’ve joined some communities, you can post your prayer requests in each of them, or browse to see what others are praying for and pray for them.

The app will notify you when someone is praying for you and when others need prayer. You can also read the daily scripture and write in your own prayer journal.

There are lots of great features in this app, so sign up and get started!