When praying for the sick, injured, or dying, it can be hard to come up with the words to say. Thankfully, we don’t have to speak to God perfectly for Him to hear us or respond. Even in our silent cries and loud weeping, God can hear, see, and understand for He knows what is in our hearts.

God gives us the wonderful gift of being able to speak to him as we would our best friend. He understands us better than our closest family and friends. He even knows our heart and intentions before we even speak. He allows us to be completely open and honest with Him and He is always ready to welcome us with open arms no matter what we’ve done.

Whatever your relationship with God is right now, the following prayer is an example of how you can word your request and petition our loving Father and Creator:

Father in Heaven,

Please forgive me if I have offended you in thoughts, words, or deeds. There is not one good thing in me, Lord: You are dealing with an individual that is very evil by nature. In fact, distrust and unbelief saturate me, and how can any good thing be expected of me?

For that reason, Father, I trust totally in the merits of the divine blood Christ shed on Calvary for the salvation of the most undeserving human beings, of which I am at the head of the class.

Thank You, Father, for the fact that You do not deal with us poor mortals after our sins, nor reward us according to our iniquities, but You have pity on us and remember that we are dust. (see Ps. 103:10-14)

(Name) is in need of Your healing power and grace. I claim Your precious gift of salvation on their behalf and ask that he/she be given long life and health to pursue a relationship with You and bring You glory.

Please heal (Name) both mentally and spiritually so they may value the things of eternal importance and connect with You and Your throne of grace.

Surround (Name) with an atmosphere of light and heavenly peace, and send Your angels to protect them from the evil one that seeks to do them harm and separate them from You.

Make (Name) a beacon of light to others so that all those around them may come to see and know Your love and eternal grace, and experience it in their own lives.

I thank You Father for Your love, grace, and faithfulness, even to us sinful mortals, and I thank You for already working on fulfilling this request.

This prayer is based on the prayers used by Roger Morneau, a man who received incredible answers to prayer often and who interceded on the behalf of thousands over the course of his life.

The prayer starts off with repentance to make our hearts right with God, then thanks Him for the gift of salvation. Then we make our request known to God, not just asking for physical healing, but most importantly spiritual and mental healing.

We ask God not just to heal them physically, but to bring them into a closer relationship with Him and to use the opportunity to work through the situation to draw more people to Him. Then we end by thanking God for what He has already done for us and what He will do.

You should use this prayer to inspire your own, that really touch upon your feelings and needs, and that reflects your relationship with God. You can also mention particular scriptures with God’s promises or go into greater detail about what kind of healing you want to see God do.