A lot of people will pray the sinner’s prayer, but make a HUGE mistake afterwards that can cause them to lose their salvation.

They fail to make a real, lifelong commitment to God.

People are notoriously forgetful. Instead of repenting and seeking God daily, they do it once or every so often when its convenient or they remember, then forget about Him the rest of the time. As they forget about God, they slip back into sin and their old ways, becoming lost again.

Salvation is not a “once saved, always saved” kind of deal, it is a commitment to serve God each day and seeking to do His will and do things His way. Christ didn’t die on the cross to give us a free pass to live however we want to, Jesus called us to be “born again” and to turn from sin.

To do so you must study the Bible, learn more about Him, and help to further His work on this earth. God wants each of us to draw closer to Him and to share the good news of salvation with others so that they won’t be lost.

So as you go to repent, remember that it is not just about saying you’re “sorry” but to actually have a heart change and change your ways. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and become a mission worker, it means that you strive to do all things to the glory of God every day.

You need to make studying the Bible a part of your daily life, keeping God in the forefront of your mind and striving to live righteously according to His ways, having trust and faith in Him.

Thankfully, whenever we fall short, whenever we mess up, whenever we are so ashamed and guilty we feel terrible inside and out, we can still pray to God and receive His forgiveness and grace.