A Powerful Testimony of Deliverance

The following is a 3-hour video interview with Roger Morneau, a former satanist. In the event you don't have time to watch the whole thing, here is a very brief summary.


Roger Morneau was a French Canadian. He was raised as a Catholic but fell away from the church. Following military service, he was invited to attend a seance. During the seance he had experiences with spirits and the paranormal. Not only after, he met a friend who led him into demon worship.

He was told he could test the spirits (Roger refers to the demons as spirits) and they would do things for him. Roger decided to ask the spirits to help him gamble at the horse races.

He asked the spirits to tell him which horses would win. The spirits revealed the names of the horses and Roger won every time. He won so much that he was forced to leave and told never to return to the track.

Roger attended the demon worshipping services where the high priest shared details about Satan's plans and deceptions for the world. When pressured into making a more formal commitment to serving Satan, Roger hesitated and was reluctant to do so. He feared there would be serious consequences if he continued on that path.

Roger prayed to God for help and soon his prayers were answered that totally changed his life.

God put the right people in the right place and at the right time. With God's help, he began a series of Bible studies, doing 4 each night for a week. He stopped attending the demon worshipping services and he gave his life to God.

The demon worshippers were furious because no one is allowed to leave alive. They put a price on his head and had plans to have him killed. Roger had numerous visits from the spirits who kept trying to get his attention and talk to him.

God provided protection and the spirits were forced to leave whenever Roger asked God to make them go. One encounter ended with a spirit leaving and slamming the door open when it left.

Roger had such powerful experiences that it transformed his life forever and led him into starting a prayer ministry.

The video of his testimony is long, but worth every minute.